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End users or Admins are not receiving invitation or password reset emails

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Problem description

In the following scenarios, emails are not received by the recipients from Druva as required: 

  • Password Reset emails for Admins or Users.

  • Activation emails while adding new users to Druva inSync.

  • Activation emails while adding new admins

  • Activation emails while adding new admins to the Druva app in Salesforce (SFDC 2.0)

  • Reports / Alerts emails.


  1. Check if the entered email address is correctly spelled.

  2. Look out for any white spaces while entering the email ID.

  3. Check if the concerned email ID has a valid mailbox available.

  4. Ensure to allow / whitelist domain in your Mail Servers.


Each type of Druva Email has different content within it. If you have Email Filters in place with certain security rules to scan through the emails, it could be possible that some emails from Druva are being scanned and allowed through while some might get rejected. Hence, we request you to whitelist in your email servers or filters.


If none of the above help resolves the issue, please reach out to Druva Support, for further investigation.

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