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How to collect a crash dump in Windows

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This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows
  • Product edition: Phoenix Agent on Windows (Phoenix Cloud)


This article provides steps to collect a crash dump for PhoenixSQLAgent or PhoenixGouploader processes in Windows SQL Server.


When we run a SQL differential backup it fails with internal error code: Internal error 65535.This can be an OS specific issue if the PhoenixSQL agent process is getting terminated abruptly.


Phoenix Logs :  

[2023-01-17 12:13:21,717] [ERROR] <_MainThread(MainThread)> Error <type 'exceptions.Exception'>:PhoenixGoUploader is exited with error, Error Code: 2. Traceback Traceback (most recent call last):
File "agents\sqlserver\SqlGoUploader.pyc", line 153, in upload
Exception: PhoenixGoUploader is exited with error, Error Code: 2
[2023-01-17 12:13:21,779] [INFO] <_MainThread(MainThread)> Lock released for monitor thread file Global\CHILD_KILL_LOCK_73266
[2023-01-17 12:13:21,779] [DEBUG] <_MainThread(MainThread)> SQLGoUploader: Continue Ping thread
[2023-01-17 12:13:21,779] [DEBUG] <_MainThread(MainThread)> PingThread: Continuing the ping thread which was paused before
[2023-01-17 12:13:21,779] [DEBUG] <_MainThread(MainThread)> SQLGoUploader: Continue Instrumentation thread
[2023-01-17 12:13:21,779] [INFO] <PingThread(Thread-4)> Pinging Sync Server
[2023-01-17 12:13:21,779] [DEBUG] <_MainThread(MainThread)> InstrThread: Continuing the instrumentation thread which was paused before
[2023-01-17 12:13:21,779] [ERROR] <_MainThread(MainThread)> SqlAgent :SQL backup failed: PhoenixGoUploader process has not created expected response file, Backup failed.

Event Viewer : 

  • Event ID 1000 in application Events : 

Steps to generate crash dumps on windows:

  1. To enable and configure the feature, use the following registry values under the registry  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\LocalDumps key. If the above LocalDumps key is not present then create a Key LocalDumps under Windows Error Reporting.
  2. Under LocalDumps create an application specific key in our case PhoenixSQLAgent. Eg. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsErrorReporting\LocalDumps\PhoenixSQLAgent.exe
  3. Under Application specific Key create a following values with below Type and assign a   values:
    • DumpCount: REG_DWORD 32 bit
    • DumpType: REG_DWORD 32 bit
    • DumpFolder: REG_SZ

  4. Whenever the application will be terminated abruptly it will generate a crash dump under the C:\CrashDumps folder. Please share those crash dumps with the Druva support team for further investigation.

Note : This registry change won’t require a reboot as such. Also you can refer to the internal MS article for more details :

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