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inSync On-Premise FAQs

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What happens when inSync Server services are stopped when backups/restores are running but are restored later?


  • Ongoing backups will fail. However, inSync Clients will resume backups according to their respective backup schedules immediately after inSync Server services are restored. 
  • Backup resumes on each inSync Client from the point where it was interrupted, provided it matches the backup schedule. If server services are restored at a time which does not match the backup schedule of inSync Client, backup resumes at the next scheduled interval from where it was interrupted.
  • inSync Client performs a scan to check the files that were backed up before the server services were stopped and subsequently resumes backup. 


  • All the restores which are in progress will stop when inSync Server services get interrupted.
  • A separate manual restore must be performed after inSync Server services are restored.
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