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Backup fails with the error - inSync cannot backup servers

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This article applies to:

  • Product edition: inSync Client

Problem description

inSync backup fails with the below error on the inSync Client.

inSync cannot backup server. Please contact administrator.



Backup fails from a devise if the inSync Client is configured on a server. Since inSync Client is designed to back up endpoints, such as workstations, desktops, and mobile devices, a backup from a device configured as a server will fail.


[2019-03-16 18:35:51,068] [ERROR] Error <class 'inSyncLib.inSyncError.SyncError'>:inSync cannot backup servers. Please contact administrator. (#1000000cc). Traceback -Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "inSyncLib\inSyncSyncer.pyc", line 4407, in sync
  File "inSyncLib\inSyncSyncer.pyc", line 4908, in dosync
  File "inSyncLib\inSyncRPCBase.pyc", line 736, in __call__
  File "inSyncLib\inSyncRPCBase.pyc", line 1342, in _safe_request
  File "inSyncLib\inSyncRPCBase.pyc", line 1348, in _issue_request
  File "inSyncLib\inSyncRPCBase.pyc", line 903, in _issue_request
  File "inSyncLib\inSyncRPCBase.pyc", line 945, in __wait_response
SyncError: inSync cannot backup servers. Please contact administrator. (#1000000cc)


inSync Client does not back up servers.