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Client backup fails with error “server is not reachable” when connected via Juniper VPN

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This article explains the troubleshooting steps to be performed in case the client backup fails with the "server not reachable error". These steps need to be performed specifically when clients are connected via Juniper VPN.

Few points to be considered in case of Juniper VPN

  • IT team can permit few applications and some ports to connect over Juniper connection.
  • There are lists of destination IP addresses maintained in Juniper Server/router to which client can connect using Juniper.
  • You can view which applications and ports are allowed on your device through Juniper application with name “Secure Application Manager” available in System Tray of client machine.


  • Check if you are able to ping the inSync server (if ping is not disabled in your network).
  • Check if name resolution for inSync server is working (if you are using inSync server’ fqdn).
  • Check if you are able to reach the Sync port on inSync server using telnet utility.
  • Also you can collect a network monitor trace on affected client while performing backup.
  • Filter the trace with inSync server’s IP address and check what packets you see in trace.
  • If you see only Syn and Syn retransmits then it means that client is unable to reach inSync server.


  • Ask your IT team to add inSync server’s IP in destination list allowing the sync port.
  • Test the backup and it should work.

In case the issue still persist, please involve the local IT team to check why the client is unable to reach the server.  You may contact Druva support in case any assistance is required with regards to Druva inSync.