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inSync Client asks for authentication credentials before restore

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This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows, Mac
  • Product edition: inSync Client, inSync Cloud

Problem description

When you click Restore on inSync Client, the restore page displays the authentication window as shown below; 



The two main causes for inSync Client to display the authentication window are as follows:

  • Enforce Restore Authentication is enabled on the Server Side.
  • Incorrect time as per the time zone on the user machine.


Contact your inSync Administrator to verify if the  Enforce Restore Authentication setting is enabled for inSync Client. You need to enter your credentials on the authentication window if the setting is enabled.

If the restore authentication setting is not the reason, ensure correct time is set on your system according to the time zone and try to restore again. You may have to restart the inSync Client server after correcting the time on your system.

To enable Enforce Restore Authentication for you inSync Cloud, contact Druva Support.