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How inSync uses VSS for device backup?

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This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows
  • Product edition:  inSync Client


inSync uses either of the following methods for volume backups:

  • Backup using VSS: When backup starts, inSync creates a snapshot of backup folders using VSS. inSync creates a backup of this snapshot. If the snapshot creation fails, inSync backup also fails.  inSync does not take volume backups from the file system.
  • Backup from live data: inSync backs up data by reading files from the file system. If inSync detects a locked file, it creates a snapshot of the locked file and creates a backup of the locked file. If the snapshot creation fails, inSync does not back up the locked files.

By default, backup using VSS is enabled.

Backup process

Considering the above scenarios, inSync uses one of the following methods to back up:

  • VSS snapshot gets created at the beginning of backup of a particular share. If inSync fails to create a snapshot, it triggers a live data backup.
  • Backup fails immediately if inSync encounters a VSS related error while reading the stats/data. It does not fall back to live data backup.