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Troubleshoot file size too large error

This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows, iOS
  • Product edition: All versions of inSync Client with inSync Share enabled

Problem description

Uploading a file greater than 300 MB fails from inSync Web, as the inSync restricts sharing files larger than 300 MB. This prevents inSync Client users from Sync & Share through inSync Web. This article talks about the workaround to share/upload files larger than 300 MB on inSync Web.



  1. Start the inSync Client and open the Sync & Share tab.
  2. Click Share Folder on the Sync & Share tab. inSync opens the inSync Share folder from the device in a new window. 
  3. Copy the large file to the inSync Share folder. 
  4. After the file is fully copied, click inSync Web from the Sync & Share tab on the inSync Client. The web interface of the client opens in a browser.
  5. From the list displayed under All Content,  click Manage Collaborators against the name of the large file and add users to share the file. 
  6. Verify whether the collaborators are able to access the large file.