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Backup succeeds with errors or misses some files

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This article lists the messages you might see when your backup completes with some errors or misses some files.

Possible error messages

A backup job may complete successfully, but may have errors. When you click More Details on the inSync Summaryscreen, you can see an error as shown below:


Logs will depict one of the following error messages:

* Unable to read file. Permission Denied.

* Failed to read local file.

* The process can not access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file. Please check the Windows VSS Service.

* Internal Error.

Basic Checks

Perform a few basic checks mentioned below:

* Check if you have sufficient rights on the files or folders that are being backed up, by going to the file or folder properties.

*Ensure that the file that is reporting the error exists at the given location.

If you still experience the issue, please contact your inSync administrator for further assistance.