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Unable to change inSync Share location

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This article applies to:

OS: Windows

Product edition: inSync Client with inSync Cloud or inSync On-Premise


When you try to change the inSync Share location from inSync Client UI, you see the below error.

You do not have enough permissions to select '<New Share Path>' as inSyncShare Location. Please choose a different location.

Following entries are saved to the inSync Client logs: 

[ERROR] Failed to get permissions for <New Share Path>. Error: winutil_getaccessmask failed
[ERROR] Error occured while relocating inSync Share location "ERROR - You do not have enough permissions to select <New Share Path> as inSync Share location.<br /><br />Please choose a different location."


inSync Client calls background Windows API "AuthzInitializeContextFromSid" to verify the user permissions from the Domain Controller. If inSync Client is unable to contact the Domain Controller or does not have sufficient permissions, the above-mentioned error is displayed.


  1. Make sure inSync Client can communicate with the Logon Server.
  2. To check the Logon Server, you can run the command "set l" on a Windows system.
  3. If inSync Client can contact the Logon Server, make sure that the user has read/write access on the concerned folder. To check this, please follow below instructions:
    1. Go to the target folder properties.
    2. Go to Security tab.
    3. Check if System and User have been set to Full Control. If not, set the permissions manually.