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How to install inSync Client with auto-detect proxy settings during integrated mass deployment (IMD)?

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This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows and Mac
  • Product edition: inSync Client 5.3.1 and later


If inSync Client is required to connect to inSync server through a proxy server, you need to provide proxy settings while installing inSync Client through integrated mass deployment (IMD). The proxy setting required include proxy server IP, port  number and so on.

This article describes how to set proxy settings as "Automatically Detected Settings", along with proxy type while performing IMD.

Install inSync Client with proxy settings using IMD 

  1. Set the parameter WPAD_URL="AUTO" to be able to select "Automatically Detect Settings". This will set the parameter PROXY_TYPE as 'SOCK4'.
  2. Set another parameter PROXY_TYPE so that the IMD script selects the right parameter (which in most cases is 'http').

Following is the example of IMD script enabled with Automatically Detect Settings and with PROXY_TYPE set to 'http':

On Windows:

msiexec.exe /i "path to the inSyncClient.msi" /q /lv TOKENv2='<massDeploymentToken>' SERVERLIST="" WPAD_URL="AUTO" PROXY_TYPE="http"

On Mac:

ADDRESS = "<IP address of inSync Server>:<Backup/sync port>"
TOKEN = '<mass deployment token>'
PROXY_TYPE= "http"

For more information see: 

  1. Integrated mass deployment of inSync Client
  2. Installing inSync Client for IMD