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inSync client stops backup of the encrypted files

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This article explains resolution of the issue with inSync client, where it stops decrypting the encrypted files and skips all the files while backup is running.


While you try to open the file, you get the error from the application. You can find the following entries in the inSync client logs.

inSyncClient log file

[ERROR] Error encrypting: \\?\C:\Users\<user>\pathtofile\file.ext Skipping the file. Check inSyncUClient logs for more info.

inSyncSClient log file

[ERROR] Encrypting: C:\ Users\<user>\pathtofile\file.ext Got Error: (32, 'EncryptFile', 'The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.')


This issue is related to Windows EFS. When the existing EFS certificate is revoked and user is assigned with the new certificate, Windows OS should automatically update the EFS certificate on all the files. However, in some scenarios Windows OS fails to update the certificate on all the encrypted files and user loses the access.

Note: 'The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process' can occur due to following conditions.

  • File in use by another process.
  • EFS certificate mismatch.


To isolate the issue perform the following steps

  1. Manually encrypt one of the working files and see if you can open it after encryption.
  2. If you are able to open the newly encrypted file then perform the following steps:
    1. Right click on newly encrypted file and click on Properties.
    2. Click on Advanced button under the General tab.
    3. Under Advanced Attributes window click on Details button. It will open 'User Access to' windows and will show the users and certificate thumbprint information.
    4. Click on Add button. It will open 'Encrypting File System' window.
    5. Click on View Certificate button at the bottom. It will open a Certificate window.
  3. Perform the above steps on the affected file and compare the user certificate and thumbprint.
  4. You will find that the new encryption certificate is not updated on the old files.

Note: If you find the difference in the certificate on the old and newly encrypted files, contact your administrator or Microsoft to fix the EFS issue. In case if the certificate is same on both the working (Newly encrypted) and affected files, contact Druva Support to troubleshoot the issue.

Applies to

inSync clients running on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1