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inSync Licensing FAQs

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What is a Server ID? Where can I find it?

The inSync Server ID is an identifier generated by the inSync server to uniquely identify the installation hardware. The inSync license is based on this Server ID and must be reported correctly to obtain a new license.

To find the Server ID, open the inSync Server Management Console --> Manage --> Settings --> inSync License. The license details along with the Server ID information will be listed here.


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How do I apply a new Druva License?

Upon purchase of Druva inSync, you will receive new license file from the Druva Support Team. The license file has*.isl extension.

Follow the below mentioned steps to upload the License into Druva inSync server –

  1. Open the "inSync Server Management Console".
  2. Move the mouse pointer over "Manage" and then select "Settings".
  3. Click on the "inSync License" tab.
  4. Select "Load License" and locate and install the provided license file.

In case the license fails to load, contact Druva Support with the uncropped screen shot of the license window by navigating to "inSync Server Management Console --> Manage --> Settings --> inSync License".


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Do I need a license for Mobile device backup?

No, you do not need a separate license for backing up mobile devices with inSync.

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Do I need a license for Mobile data protection?

While you can do basic mobile device backup and restore using inSync, you need a separate license for mobile device protection features.

Note: License's were based on server ID's only till v 5.3.1.

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