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inSync client FAQs(5.5)

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Why do I upgrade?

Each release of inSync brings in new features. Some of these features require the latest version of the inSync client. Upgrading the inSync client ensures that the new features and improvements are implemented, and your users benefit from increased efficiencies and ease-of-use. As an administrator, you can schedule an upgrade of inSync clients installed on user computers.

How frequently do I upgrade?

With each major release, inSync introduces new features. Some of these features require the latest version of the inSync client. To experience the benefits of these features, Druva recommends that you upgrade inSync client with every major release.

Which inSync clients can I upgrade?

From the inSync Admin Console, you can schedule an upgrade of inSync clients only on Windows and Mac computers.

It is not possible to schedule an upgrade for Linux computers, Android devices, and iOS devices from the inSync Admin Console. For Android and iOS devices, upgrade notifications are sent to the users from their respective app stores. The users have to upgrade their inSync client themselves.

How do I know which client to upgrade?

To know which inSync clients can be upgraded, you must view the Manage Devices page on the inSync Admin Console. Any device on which inSync client can be upgraded has an upgrade symbol (add symbol image) next to it.

To schedule upgrade, select the inSync clients and then click Upgrade.

Does upgrade start when I click the Upgrade button?

No. When you click the Upgrade button, the inSync Master flags the inSync client for upgrade. The upgrade is triggered during the next backup cycle of the inSync client.

At the next backup cycle, first the new version of inSync client will be downloaded, then the inSync client will be upgraded, and finally the backup will start.

Please note, if the inSync client is open during the next backup cycle, upgrade will not happen.

Can I upgrade multiple clients?

Yes. You can select multiple inSync clients from the inSync Admin Console for upgrade. However, for each client, upgrade will be triggered during their respective backup cycle.

Can I prioritize upgrade for users?

You cannot prioritize between users whom you have selected simultaneously for upgrade. However, you can upgrade inSync client in batches according to your priority.

Can I run an upgrade for disabled users or devices?

No. You cannot upgrade inSync client for disabled users or devices. You must first enable such users or devices and then schedule an upgrade for their inSync client.

Can I run upgrades if devices are shutdown, hibernating, or disconnected?

No. For inSync client to be upgraded, the computer must be connected to the inSync Master. If the computer is in hibernation, shut down, or not connected to a data network, the upgrade will be on hold. The upgrade will start the next time the computer connects to the inSync Master and starts a backup.

What is the size of the upgrade package?

The size of the upgrade package is approximately 40 MB for Windows and Mac computers. To upgrade, the package will first be downloaded on the user computers.

What is the load on the network?

The load on the network will depend on the number upgrade packages being downloaded simultaneously.  As explained earlier, the upgrade is triggered on the next backup cycle of the individual inSync clients. If backups for a large number of inSync clients start simultaneously, the load on the network may become high. Therefore, it is recommended that you carry out upgrades in a distributed fashion.

Can I limit the bandwidth used?

No. You can only limit the bandwidth available to inSync for backing up data.

How long does the upgrade take?

Once the upgrade package is downloaded, it takes approximately 1 minute to install the package and upgrade inSync client.

Does the user need any special permission on his device to upgrade inSync clients?

No. The user does not need any special permission. inSync services run in the context of the LocalSystem account and the same account is used for upgrading.

Can users work during upgrade?

Yes. The upgrade will have no impact on the performance of the user’s computer.

Will inSync client work during upgrade?

The inSync client will work as usual when the upgrade package is being downloaded. However, it will not work for approximately 1 minute when the upgrade package is being installed.

Will users notice an upgrade?

The upgrade process is almost inconspicuous. When the upgrade package is being installed, users will not see the inSync client icon on their system tray. If desktop notifications are enabled, users will see the notification "inSync Launched" after the upgrade.

What happens if users set devices on hibernate during upgrade?

The upgrade will be paused. It will resume when the user starts the computers.

Does an upgrade take precedence over a backup?

Depends. An ongoing backup takes precedence over upgrade. However, if the inSync client is disconnected from the inSync Master during a backup, upgrade will take precedence when inSync Client resumes the backup.

Does an upgrade take precedence over restore?

No. Restore has no impact on upgrade. Upgrade is triggered on during a backup.

Should the user reactivate inSync client after upgrade?

No. This is not required.

Will the first backup after upgrade be a full backup?

No. After the upgrade, inSync client will continue taking incremental backups.

After upgrade, can users restore data backed up by previous versions?

Yes. The upgrade has no impact on restoring data using inSync client.

What are some other options for mass upgrading inSync clients?

Yes. You can install the latest version of inSync client on a group of user computers by using third party tools such as SCCM and LANDesk. This would roll out the upgrade instantly and also help you save network bandwidth required for downloading inSync client on individual user computers.  

Alternatively, you can share the latest inSync client installer with users and ask them to manually install the upgrade.

Can I ask users to run an upgrade?

Yes, you can. The Quick Links section of the inSync Admin Console contains the link to the right version of inSync client corresponding to the inSync Master. From this link, you can download the client installer and place it in a shared folder accessible to all users.

Is there any time window within which a device must be upgraded once I have scheduled an upgrade?

After you schedule an upgrade, the device has 15 days to download and install the upgrade package. If it does not upgrade within the 15-day window, you have to reschedule the upgrade.

Is there a limit to the number of upgrade attempts?

No. There is no limit to the number of times a device can attempt to upgrade within the 15-day upgrade window.

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