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How to reset the password for an already activated user in SFDCV2 App

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Salesforce Administrator may forget or misplace the SFDCV2 App login password, this article will guide you step by step to reset the password:

Steps to reset the password:


  1. If the Admin is logged in to SFDCV2 App, Logout.


  1. Once the admin logs out successfully, on the Account Login page use the email address of the user for which the Admin wants to reset the password and click on Sign In


  1. The next page is for entering the password, on this page click on the Forgot Password option:



  1. Once the admin clicks on forgot password option, App will send an email with the Temporary password:



  1. The associated Admin should receive a password reset email as below:

  1. Admins can use this as a temp password and provide the new password.