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How to create the SCIM mapping for an attribute value that has a comma in it

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When you are creating a SCIM mapping based on the SCIM attribute , if the attribute has multiple values , you can use a comma to separate the value.

But , What if the value itself has a comma in it ? If you ever come across this requirement , Please follow the below mapping configuration.

How to create the SCIM mapping for an attribute value that has a comma in it.



  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Users > Deployment.

  2. On the User Deployment page, under the Mappings tab, click New Mapping.

  1. On the Create Mapping wizard, under Mapping Configuration tab, specify the following details:

    1. Mapping Name - Specify a name for the SCIM mapping.

    2. Under the Users section,

      • Select Filter by SCIM attribute, if you want to configure users based on a specific SCIM attribute and matching values.

        • Specify the SCIM Attribute name.

        • And enter multiple values which have a comma separated by a semicolon.

  2. Please refer the screenshot below for an example :
    Here the Attribute Name is companyName and the Values are :

  • Druva,ind

  • Druva,usa

  • Druva,uk

You can also create 3 Different mapping for 3 different values which have a comma in it. 

Important : The filter is case-sensitive. The value you specify in the SCIM mapping and the attribute value in the IdP should be in the same case.


5. Click Next.
6. On the inSync Configuration tab, specify the following details:

i.Select the Profile to which the users should be assigned to if they are mapped using this SCIM mapping.
ii.Select the Storage on which the user data should be saved.
iii.Specify the storage Quota per user.
iv.Select Send activation email to newly added users check box, if you want to send Druva inSync invitation email to the users who are added to Druva inSync.

7. Click Finish.

SCIM mapping is created. You can create multiple mappings to define multiple combinations of SCIM attributes and values to classify users in inSync and allocate them a different profile, storage region, and storage quota.

With the above configuration saved , users which are part of SCIM application and which have the above companyName in the IdP will get provision in Druva.

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