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Error while running Refresh Validation in Org Tools(SFDC 2.0): INVALID TYPE: Cannot use ApexTrigger in this organization

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Problem description

SFDC admin tried to run Refresh Validation on his org configured under Org Tools -> Environment Hub, and gets an error stating: INVALID_TYPE: Cannot use ApexTrigger in this organization


Missing Permissions: 

  • Author Apex or Modify Metadata
  • Customize Application


Refer to the Salesforce documents to assign these missing permissions to your SFDC 2.0 admin account: 

  1. Customize Application
  2. Author Apex
  3. Modify Metadata

Note: Professional Edition doesn't support Metadata API access; due to which, the Refresh Validation will generate the above-stated error.

Reference document: Configuring Environment Hub 

If this information does not help to resolve the issue, then please reach out to Druva Support Team for further assistance.

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