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Exchange Online Backup Completes with "ErrorQuotaExceeded" in logs

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Problem description

Exchange Online backups for users complete with errors.


The issue is caused when the mailbox quota for user is reached in Exchange Online.


[ERROR] Could not list MAPI folder Inbox:AQMkAGRhNmJiAGViOS1hZTlkLTQ1M2QtYWRmOS03OTkBZThlYjQyNzkALgAAA1PuA5wAFNFCvLm9jLeb6O0BAJeA1BnmM4-BU6wAAAIBDAAAAA==. Cloudapp Skipping. type:MAPI Email Error:Unable to read file. Permission Denied Response Code: 403 Text:{"error":{"code":"ErrorQuotaExceeded","message":"The process failed to get the correct properties."}} (#100000046)


Please Increase the Mailbox quota for the affected mailbox in Exchange Online.

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