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How to back up shared mailboxes when inSync is configured with UPN

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This article applies to:

  • OS: All supported operating systems

  • Product edition: inSync Cloud


By default, inSync uses the registered inSync email addresses, instead of User Principal Name (UPN), to back up shared mailboxes. inSync does not support AD attribute -  UPN to back up shared mailboxes. Due to a Microsoft API limitation, it is difficult to identify whether an email address belongs to a user or a shared mailbox.  

This article provides a workaround to back up shared mailboxes when inSync is configured to use UPN.

Back up a shared mailbox

  1. Create a new profile for shared mailboxes and assign the inSync accounts attached to the shared mailboxes to this profile.

  2. Set the Login using field to AD/LDAP Account from Single Sign-On\inSync Password and select the AD server from the dropdown.

Note - Now one additional field AD/LDAP User Name is displayed for accounts added under the new profile

  1. Click Edit to update the User Summary and change the AD/LDAP User Name to the accounts email address.

    4. Click Save.