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“Client version unsupported by server. (#100000044)” for GovCloud Customers

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Problem description

Below error is observed when Gov Cloud Admin is trying to activate Mac inSync client via IMD.

The installation works fine, however, the activation fails with this Error: Client version unsupported by server. (#100000044).




The incorrect inSync client version was used (Public client instead of GovCloud)





[2022-02-04 12:00:51,512] [ERROR] Connect2: error while connecting to server: Error: Client version unsupported by server. (#100000044).

[2022-02-04 12:00:51,513] [INFO] Auto-deployment failed, could not connect to server Client version unsupported by server. (#100000044)




Gov Cloud Customers should only install Gov Cloud inSync clients which are supported for their tenant.

Download the latest Gov Cloud inSync client version and then activate the inSync client.



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