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Troubleshoot restore failure of backup shares to original location

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This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows
  • Product edition: inSync Cloud and On-Premises

Problem description

The restore operation starts but fails shortly when:

  • A user initiates a restore from inSync Client. 
  • An inSync Administrator initiates a restore from the inSync Management Console

This failure is also observed during restore of backup share as well as restore of  system and application settings.

Restore process

When a restore is triggered either from inSync Client or from inSync Management Console:

  1. A restore request is generated.
  2. The inSync Client machine receives the restore request and the process to handle this operation on the client is called as inSync.exe.
  3. If the restore request is for configured backup shares, the restore process is handed over to inSyncUSyncer.exe.
  4. If the request is to restore the System and App settings, the request is routed through inSync.exe.
  5. The Server/Cloud also fetches the selected data for restore from the storage. 
    Note: During this operation, the restore request remains in a Queued state.
  6. After a while, the actual restore begins.


Few file restores for %userprofile% backup shares fail when restored on the original location.
The files under %userprofile% are mostly in use by the operating system and hence cannot be overwritten. This may cause restore failure.


Druva suggests you restore the %userprofile% backup share to a custom location or on Desktop so that the restore can complete.