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How to restore data from the first backup even when the backup failed to complete

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This article applies to inSync Client On-Premises and Cloud. 


An inSync user can experience a situation in which the very first device backup succeeded only partially before the device crashed or experienced a network failure. Although inSync could perform only a partial backup before the device crashed, the user might be interested in knowing whether inSync can restore the data from the first backup on a new device.

This section describes the procedure to recover and restore data from a partially successful first backup from a device that crashed or suffered a network failure during the backup.

Restore from failed first backup

The following procedure describes the steps to restore the data that was backed up from a device that crashed or had a network failure during its first backup. These steps must be performed on a new device installed with the inSync Client:

  1. Activate the inSync Client on the new device with the same user credentials.
  2. Select Replace device during the activation process.
  3. Click Restore on the inSync Client. The Restore Backup Data page displays the snapshot of an older backup created from the previous partial backup.
  4. Restore data from the older snapshot to the new device. inSync will restore the partial data backed up from the previous device before the device crashed or got disconnected during its first backup.