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Backups do not work on iOS devices



This article applies to:

  • OS: iOS
  • Product edition: inSync Client on iOS mobile devices

Problem description

Scheduled and manual backups on iOS devices fail to complete if inSync App goes to background.


  • The ongoing backup task is continued in a background thread when inSync App goes into the background on iOS devices.
  • iOS allows inSync App to run for 180 seconds in the background thread. After 180 seconds, iOS kills the application forcefully.
  • This is a the default behavior of iOS and there is no workaround to restart the backup until inSync App is brought to the foreground.


Enable device trace, so that:

  • The inSync App on your device gets registered for "Significant-change-location".
  • Device trace will trigger when the device location changes significantly and will wake up the inSync App for the next 180 seconds.
  • With the callback, inSync App checks if it is time to back up and tries to connect with inSync Server to trigger a backup.


  • The term "Significant" is not explicit in "Significant-change-location". iOS determines this at runtime.
  • Callback may never come to the app if the device has not moved.