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iPhone: Device configuration for inSync

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This article explains about the Device configuration for inSync.

inSync offers Data Protection and inSync Share features on your device. The data protection feature requires certain configurations on your device. The inSync share feature depends only on your inSync account configuration.

Depending on your inSync account configuration for data protection, the inSync app may:

  • Access backed up data of your devices.
  • Access backed up data of your devices and enable optional backup and device protection for this device.
  • Access backed up data of your devices, with mandatory backup and device protection for this device.

You have to carry out your device configuration accordingly. Once a device is configured, the Backup and Restoreand Device Protection  features become active.

Enabling backup and device protection

For backup and device protection, you will need to enable location services and install your organization's device management profile on your device. 

When you enable backup services, its data becomes visible to your other devices.

Mandatory backup and device protection

If your enterprise's policies are set to mandatory backup and device protection, inSync will prompt you to carry out location and MDM profile settings immediately after login. Without these settings inSync will log you out.

Your device Backup and Protection Services are automatically enabled. The My Account screen shows the status for both as Enabled.

Optional backup and device protection

If backup and device protection for this device is optional, after logging in, you will see two related notifications on theMy Account icon. Tap My Account.
You will be able to activate the device Backup and Protection services as needed.  inSync will prompt you for the required settings.


In access-only mode, you do not need any device settings. 

Checking your device configuration

At any point, you can tap My Account and view how inSync is configured for Backup and Device Protection.
The Device Protection and Backup Status fields will have the appropriate statuses. In case of optional linking, you can also modify the configuration.