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Some files under the home directory on Linux devices are failing to be backed up

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Problem description

End user has copied over certain files from a different device to his local Linux machine which is being backed up by Druva inSync Client. These files are failing the backup with the following error: 

[WARNING] ('Estimate', 140173349922560): Unable to access /home/users, skipping. Error: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/users'.


The permissions to the inSync user are missing on these files.


Ensure that the end user for whom the inSync Client is activated on the device, has at least READ rights on such files that are failing to be backed up with the permission errors. 

For example, 

  1. ls -l <file or directory> It shows the permission settings on file or directory

  2. chmod 755 <file or directory> —--- This grants Read,Write and Execute permissions.

  3. chmod 755  -R <file or directory> This is same as above in recursive mode.

  4. chmod a=r foldername — This will grant read only permission to all users.