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How to collect Skyhook/Device Trace debug log for Windows and Mac

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This article explains the procedure to collect skyhook/device trace debug logs.

Procedure to enable WPS logging for Windows device

  1. Stop inSync client service and kill inSyncAgent.exe process on the machine showing incorrect location.
  2. Put attached in the installation directory i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Druva\inSync or C:\Program Files\Druva\inSync
  1. Start client service.
  2. Take a backup and let it complete.
  3. While the backup is in progress, collect following screenshots:
    1. Browse to inSync Admin console > Governance > Data Loss Prevention and take relevant screenshots of the issue.
    2. Browse to affected device page > DLP tab and take uncropped screenshot of this page.
    3. Browse to a device page showing correct location > DLP tab and take uncropped screenshot of this page.
  4. After backup is done, collect the following logs.
    1. Debug log file C:\inSync4\wpslog.txt would have been created. Collect wpslog.txt along with zip of C:\inSync4\users\<user-<wbr/>profile>
    2. Collect Windows Application and System event logs.

Procedure to enable WPS logging for Mac device

  1. Stop all inSync processes on Mac using killall inSync. Make sure that all processes are killed.
vi ~/
  1. Add this content to the file: DEBUG, wpslog.txt. Save the file in /library/Applications/Druva inSync
  2. Define an environment variable WPS_LOG_CONFIGURATION by executing the following command- 
export WPS_LOG_CONFIGURATION=/<wbr/>library/Applications/Druva inSync/
  1. Launch the inSync and run a backup.