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How do bandwidth settings get applied to users?

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This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows, Mac
  • Product edition: inSync Cloud


Backup and sync operations consume bandwidth. To use the bandwidth optimally, inSync allows Administrators to throttle it from the Profiles. This gives the administrators more control over the backup and sync operations.

Administrators can specify the bandwidth available to inSync Clients either as an absolute value (Kbps or Mbps) or as a percentage of the available bandwidth to the device. The settings configured will apply to all the users under that specific profile.


Settings specific to inSync Cloud:

  • Scenario 1: A profile has ten users, and the bandwidth available is set to 500 Kbps. All the users will use a maximum of 500 Kbps for backup and sync.
  • Scenario 2: When the setting is configured to allow inSync to use unlimited bandwidth, inSync will use up all the available bandwidth on the device.
  • Scenario 3: When the setting is configured to allow inSync to use a specific percentage of the available bandwidth, inSync will calculate the available bandwidth and will only use the specified percentage from it.

These scenarios apply to all the devices individually. 

Settings specific to inSync On-Premise:

This setting must be configured separately for LAN and WAN.

inSync does not understand LAN and WAN networks. Whichever network the inSync Client connects to, inSync will check the type of that network specified under the Published IP/ FQDN and will apply the bandwidth policy accordingly. If the kind of network specified is “Auto,” inSync Client will calculate the RTT from the server and determine the network type automatically, based on the values defined.