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How to view the number of users who have not activated any SaaS App or Endpoint Devices for their accounts on Druva Admin portal



As an inSync Administrator, you can filter the user on the basis of Profiles, Storage, License, Legal Hold and User Status. In this article we will look at users who have No license for Endpoint and SaaS Applications.

Note: Druva does not have any limitation on user import or creation. The license will be only utilized once the user activates any endpoint or SaaS App  Device

Procedure to view unlicensed users:

  1. Login to Druva Admin portal , Click on hamburger icon on the left top Corner and select Endpoints

  1. Click on the Total user number shown under "User Summary".


  1.  Once you are here, you can use filters drop down for Endpoint/SaaS License and Select "Not Licensed".


  1.  This will list down all the users who have not activated any Endpoint or SaaS App devices on  their account.


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