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How to update existing environment to single port architecture from port 6061 to 443?

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This article is intended for Users who would like to update their existing inSync 5.5 On-premise environment to single port architecture, i.e from port 6061 to 443.

Note: Only applicable when the server has been upgraded from previous version of inSync to inSync 5.5. Fresh installation of inSync 5.5 comes with default Single port architecture – 443. Existing port can be anything. In this article, we have considered the existing port to be configured as 6061.


  • Ensure that a SSL certificate is available as certificate needs to be updated on the Edge server.
  • FQDN for inSync Master, inSync Storage Node and inSync Edge server needs to be added to the certificate. (Wild card certificate and SAN would be preferred)
  • All the inSync clients must be upgraded to inSync 5.5 version, else backup/restore won’t work once single port architecture has been configured.


Steps to be performed on inSync Edge Server

Configure existing SSL certificate on Edge Server

  1. Copy the certificate file from inSync Master server OR inSync Storage Node server - location: C:\ProgramData\Druva\inSyncCloud\inSyncServer4\inSyncServerSSL.key and place it on the desktop of inSync Edge Server.
  2. On the inSync Edge Server, stop the inSync Edge Server service. Click Start and type services.msc. The Services window appears. From the list of services, right-click the DruvainSyncEdgeServer service and click Stop.
  3. Open C:\Program Data\Druva\inSyncEdgeServer. Rename the inSyncEdgeServerSSL.key to inSyncEdgeServerSSL.key .old
  4. Copy & paste the inSyncServerSSL.key placed on desktop to  C:\Program Data\Druva\inSyncEdgeServer and rename it to inSyncEdgeServerSSL.key
  5. Restart the inSync Edge Server service. (Click Start and type services.msc. The Services window appears. From the list of services, right-click the DruvainSyncEdgeServer service, and then click Restart.)

Steps to be performed on inSync Admin Console

Change of Ports from 6061 to 443 on admin console

  1. Login to admin console - Manage - Settings - Network - under Published IP/FQDN - add the entries that are already listed there, but this time with port 443. (Do not delete the existing entries related to 6061 now)
  2. Ensure that all the clients across the network have backed up once at least, so that 443 entries can be updated in the client configuration file.
  3. After all the clients have backed up once, remove all the entries related to port 6061 from  Manage - Settings - Network - under Published IP/FQDN and Manage Storage nodes. (Only entries with 443 should be kept)
  4. Go to Manage > Storage list > Storage Node > Click the storage name > Edit  and ensure that back and sync port is 443
  5. Update the Backup / Sync Port, admin UI port & User web access URL to make use of port 443 instead of 6061 from Manage - Settings - Network tab.
  6. Update the port 443 from 6061 in your environment like reverse proxy, TMZ, Firewall etc.
  7. Test the backup/restore, share and download functionality.