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Precautionary steps while installing anti virus on inSync Server

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It is very important to exclude all the inSync directories from live anti-virus scan/on access scan. Most anti-virus applications may lock the frequently accessed files to scan them, which might cause database corruption.

When data is uploaded to data folder, references for actual data are stored under database files. If anti-virus locks database files, inSync server may not be able to update database files due to which some references might get lost. Hence it is recommended to exclude following directories & processes from anti-virus scan:

Configuration and Program Files folder:

inSync v5.3.1 and below:


    • C:\inSyncServer4
    • C:\Program Files\Druva  OR C:\Program Files (x86)\Druva

Private Cloud:

    • C:\inSyncCloud
    • C:\Program Files\Druva  OR C:\Program Files (x86)\Druva

inSync v5.4 and above:


    • C:\ProgramData\Druva
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Druva OR C:\Program Files\Druva  

Storage folders:(Applicable for all versions/editions)

    • Storage Data folder
    • Storage Database folder
    • Storage Database log folder

Processes to be excluded:

inSync v5.3.1 and below:


    • inSyncBynamo.exe
    • inSyncMaster.exe
    • inSyncShareWebPanel.exe
    • inSyncShareWebPanelSVC.exe
    • inSyncSrvSPHwnet64.exe
    • inSyncStorageMaster.exe
    • inSyncWebPanel.exe
    • inSyncWebPanelSVC.exe
    • inSyncWorker.exe 

inSync v5.4 onwards and all Private Cloud releases:


    • inSyncBynamo.exe
    • inSnycCMSPHwnet64.exe
    • inSyncConfigDBMonitor.exe
    • inSyncConfigDBServer.exe
    • inSyncConfigServer.exe
    • inSyncCPortal.exe
    • inSyncCPortalSVC.exe
    • inSyncCronServer.exe
    • inSyncNWorker.exe
    • inSyncStorageMaster.exe
    • inSyncServer.exe
    • inSyncSyncServerSVC.exe
    • inSyncWorker.exe

Storage Node:

    • inSyncNodeMasterSVC.exe
    • inSyncNodeMaster.exe
    • inSyncBynamo.exe
    • inSyncStorageMaster.exe
    • inSyncWorker.exe

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