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Best practices for using NAS account credentials for storage node

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This article is applicable for:
Product edition: inSync Private Cloud


inSync storage node generally uses local system account to run. In a scenario when NAS storage is used, the corresponding inSync storage
service needs to run with the NAS account credentials to access the data present on NAS. Without the NAS credentials, it will fail to read/write data on
NAS storage.

In such a scenario, set Druva inSync Storage Node service to use NAS account credentials.

Save the encrypted password:

To save the encrypted password, the login service username and encrypted password must be set in the configuration file. The same is explained in the following steps:

  1. Edit the inSyncServerStorage.cfg file (C:\ProgramData\Druva\inSyncCloud\inSyncServer4).
  2. Search for SERVICE_USER. The login name is usually present. If not present, add it.
  3. Generate the SERVICE_PASSWORD using the in-house tool.
    For example:
    SERVICE_USER='<name of the user>'
    SERVICE_PASSWORD='<encrypted password for the user>'
  4. Encrypt the password string from using our in-house tool.
  5. Copy this string and put it in the configuration file against SERVICE_PASSWORD.