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User unable to access inSync Web

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Problem description

inSync users are unable to login to the inSync Web portal.


Error Message:

Scenario 1: The user is disabled.

error message_Sec1.png

Scenario 2: The user is active, but still cannot access the inSync  Web portal. The error shows an invalid email address or password.


Scenario 3: inSync Share and Web restore are disabled for the user.

error message_sec3.png

Scenario 4: The Data Sources tab is missing when logged in successfully.



Scenario 1: The user is disabled.

  • Preserved users cannot log in to the inSync Web portal. Ensure that the user is not a preserved user.
  • Re-activate the user account in the inSync  Management Console. 
  • Login to the inSync Management  Console.  Click on the Users tab and select the user in concern and then click on Activate.


Scenario 2: The user is active, but still cannot access the inSync Web portal. The error shows an invalid email address or password.

  1. The URL for user’s inSync Web portal is


  1. The URL for inSync Management Console portal is


  1. Users cannot log in to the admin web portal and will get an error as stated above.
  2. Ensure that the URL entered is correct.
  3. Ensure that the email address and password being used is correct.

Scenario 3 and Scenario 4:

  1. Login to the inSync Management  Console.
  2. Click on the Profiles tab and click on the profile to which the concerned user belongs. If you are not sure about which profile the user belongs to, then click on the  Users tab at the top and search for the user and click on the account under the User Summary section. You can view the Profile tab and its name. Click on the hyperlink of the profile.

res_sce3,4 step3.png

  1. On the Profile Summary page, click Edit under the User Privacy & Access section.


  1. Enable Allow restore from web browser and click Save.

res_sce3,4 step5.png

  1. Request the user to try to login again.
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