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Troubleshooting Okta SCIM errors - "Error while verifying if user xxxx exists: Forbidden. Errors reported by remote server".

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Problem description

Although users assigned to Druva 2.0 SCIM App in OKTA console are auto-provisioned, OKTA Administrator may encounter the following error while importing newly assigned users if the SCIM App configuration is changed manually.

Error while verifying if user xxxx exists: Forbidden. Errors reported by remote server


The issue was with the inSync authentication for API calls for synchronizing with the OKTA SCIM App to provision users in the Administrator Console.


To resolve this error, inSync Cloud Administrator must generate a token by performing the following steps.

1.     On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Settings -> Deployment. 

2.     On the SCIM Deployment page, click the Settings tab.

3.     In the Auth Token for SCIM section, click New Token.


Note: Once you create a new token, the existing token will expire and all APIs that are using the existing token will stop working.

4.     Copy the SCIM Auth Token and log on to OKTA Admin page.

5.     Open the Druva 2.0 SCIM App.

Druva 2.0 SCIM App

In the Druva 2.0 SCIM APP, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Provisioning tab and select Enable API Integration checkbox to configure API integration.
  2. In the API Token section, enter the token that you have generated in the inSync Management Console.
  3. Click Test API Credentials to test your integration.
  4. Click Save after the testing is successful.clipboard_e3001c8f13689c282cf66afaf937b13d4.png


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