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Intermittent alerts from Druva stating M365 App being disconnected with Druva inSync

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Problem description

inSync Admins receive an alert stating that the M365 app is disconnected intermittently, however when they check in the inSync Admin Console -> SaaS Apps -> M365 -> Overview page, the app status shows as connected successfully.

Also, the backups show that they ran successfully.


Cause 1: Microsoft Throttling.

When we initiate backup jobs for any of the M365 SaaS Apps, we have to first get authenticated using the Refresh token.

During this stage, if we get throttled by Microsoft, then the authentication gets interrupted.

Since the authentication fails, it immediately generates the App Disconnected alert.



  1. Microsoft Throttling issues are out of our scope as throttling policies are managed by Microsoft backend.
  2. We do have a retry mechanism in place and we retry accessing the M365 SaaS Apps, which usually works and resolves the issue automatically.
  3. Thus the app status will be displayed as connected successfully, on the next retry.
  4. Please reachout to support for investigation, if the App Status also shows as Not Connected or Disconnected.
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