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User with missing membership type in Azure AD do not get imported to Druva inSync via Azure AD Group Mapping

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Problem description

Some users in Azure AD are listed under members list but their membership type shows blank. Such users do not get imported in Druva inSync using the Azure AD Group Mapping.


Microsoft Graph API has the following API Query which fetches the members of a group:$filter=id eq '<group-id1>'

The above output will return the users from Azure AD Group, which have their membership type updated in the group.
Users with empty membership type, do not get returned by Azure.
Thus, Druva inSync will not be able to fetch these users.


  • This is an expected behavior if the users are not returned over Microsoft Graph API.
  • We recommend consulting Microsoft Azure AD Support, to understand why the group membership type is blank and how it can be updated properly for the concerned users.
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