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Unable to delete user or device as the delete control is disabled

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This article applies to:

  • Product edition: inSync Cloud and On-Premise

Problem description

When trying to delete a user or a device from their respective details page, the Delete control is disabled. 


Additionally, an error is displayed while trying to delete the user or device from the respective Manage Users or Manage Devices page of the inSync Management Console.



The above issue is caused if the user being deleted is placed on legal hold. Administrators cannot delete users and devices that are on legal hold.


If the user is incorrectly placed on legal hold, follow these steps to exclude the user from legal hold:

  1. Log in to the inSync Management Console.
  2. On the menu, go to Governance > Legal Hold. A list of legal hold policies is displayed.
  3. Click the policy name that has placed the user on legal hold.
  4. Open the Users tab and select the user incorrectly placed on legal hold.
  5. Click Remove.

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