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Troubleshooting database error - database disk image is malformed


This article applies to:

  • OS: Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Product edition: inSync Cloud and On-Premises

Problem description

One of the most common error when several endpoint backups complete with error messages is “Database Error: database disk image is malformed”. The error is seen when inSync Client configuration files on the user device are corrupt. This article explains how you can resolve this issue.


  • Antivirus exclusion is not set for inSync folders on the user's system.
  • One or more databases on the user's system is corrupt.


  • Exclude the inSync backup folders from the antivirus scan 
    Most antivirus programs lock the frequently accessed files to scan them. This may cause database corruption and result in this database error.
  • Check for issues related to NTFS disk in the event logs  
    If you notice NTFS disk-related entries in the event logs, contact your hardware vendor to get the disk issues addressed. Damaged or corrupt system files may prevent users from accessing their devices. Even sudden system shutdown due to power failure or a forced restart can result in corrupt files and make the system hard disk inaccessible.


  1. Stop and again start the inSync services on inSync Client.
  2. Test the backup. If the issue or error persists, contact Druva technical support for further assistance.