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Getting Error “Service Not Found” while doing a Data copy

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Supported SFDC storage regions are not assigned to the Druva SFDC environment.


When we start doing a Data Copy we get an Error message “Service Not Found” in the Tasks.


  1. When a Data copy task is triggered the task fails with the Error Message “Service Not Found”. 

  2. To check the error message go to the “Tasks” tab, the task would fail with the above error message.



  1. The above error we get because the storage region was not updated in the Project in Druva salesforce App.

  2. To check the settings  Login to Druva SFDC app-->Click on "Settings".


  1. Click on "Projects"--> Under "My Project" drop down, click on "Edit"


  1. Check if the "Preferred Region" is updated or not.



  1. If it is updated, kindly retrigger the Data copy job. And if the storage region is not updated, check if you can select the storage region from the dropdown.


  1. If you are not able to see any storage region kindly contact support for further investigation.


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