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Provision users instantly from Microsoft Azure Active Directory to inSync using Druva SCIM app

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This article provides the steps to import users instantly from Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to inSync using the Druva SCIM app. Microsoft Azure now provides the option to instantly provision users to inSync using the ‘Provision On Demand’ feature.


The Druva SCIM app creation and user assignment must be completed prior to performing on-demand provisioning of users.

For more information about creating the Druva Azure SCIM app for deployment and user assignment, refer to Manage Users from Microsoft Azure Active Directory using SCIM.

Perform On-Demand Provisioning

Once the Druva SCIM app is created, refer to the following steps to provision any of the added users instantly.

  1. Open the Druva SCIM App and click Provisioning.

  2. Click Provision On Demand.

Druva SCIM app_provision_on_demand.png

3.  Select the user to be provisioned.

Druva SCIM app_provision_on_demand_add_users.png

4. Click Provision.

The application validates the user.

5. Once the validation is successful, the user is provisioned to inSync instantly.

Druva SCIM app_provision_on_demand_status.png

6. Click View Details to get additional information for each step in the import process.

7. Navigate to inSync Management Console and click Users to validate the addition of selected users.

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