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Restore window on inSync client GUI prompts repeatedly for credentials without any error message

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This article is applicable for:
Product edition: inSync Cloud and On-premise server

Problem Description

When user clicks Restore on inSync client GUI, it prompts for credentials. After entering the credentials, the client must provide the list of snapsots of user devices. Instead, it keeps repeatedly asking for credentials without displaying any error.
This issue is caused when the time on client machine is not in sync as per the time zone set. 


Validate the user credentials: Login to https://<Server url>/home with the user's credentials. If you are able to login, then it means that the credentials are valid.

Check that inSync client has correct time zone set and synchronize the time with a valid time server. 

Perform the following steps for resolution:

  1.  Stop Druva inSync client service.
  2.  Open the task manager and kill all inSync processes that are running.
  3.  Now start the Druva inSync client service.

Login to Druva inSync client and click Restore. The client must display the list of snapshots of user devices.

If the issue persists, contact Druva technical support.