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Google Team Drive backup fails with error - No ORGANIZER/FILE ORGANIZER

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Problem description

Certain Google Team Drives fail to be backed up with error: No ORGANIZER/FILE_ORGANIZER


Following could be the possible causes behind this issue:

  1. Team Drive does not contain any members under the permissions list.

  2. There is no Manager (Organizer) or Content Manager (File Organizer) in the permissions list of the Team Drive.

  3. Druva App does not have access to all the organisation units in the Google Workspace Directory, which is blocking Druva from reading the permissions of certain Managers or Content Managers.


Google Shared Drive EAUTH error | Authentication failed with error No ORGANIZER/FILE_ORGANIZER found for the authorization of Google Shared Drives


  1. Ensure that there is at least one member with Manager or Content Manager in the Team Drive’s permissions list.

  2. Log in to the Google Workspace Admin Center -> Apps -> Google Workspace Marketplace Apps -> App List -> Druva inSync app



  1. Under User Access -> click on “View Organizational Units and Groups”

  2. Ensure that the radio button is set to “ON for everyone”