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How to decrypt files in bulk when device is disabled or inSync Client is uninstalled

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This article applies to:

  • OS: All supported Windows OS's
  • Product edition: inSync Cloud/On-Premise


inSync leverages Microsoft’s Encrypted File System (EFS) service to encrypt and decrypt the files during backups on Windows laptops and desktops.

This article provides the command to decrypt user data when either the user's device is disabled or the inSync Client is uninstalled.

Decrypt user data

To decrypt user data when the device is disabled for backup or when the inSync Client is uninstalled, run the following command from the user's device. This command can decrypt files which were not enctrypted by inSync. Select the path to all the files and subfolders that you want to decrypt.

cipher /a /d /i /s:{path}

cipher /a /d /i /s:C:\Users\
cipher /a /d /i /s:"E:\Data\New folder with space"


  • /a is to perform the operation for files and directories.
  • /d is to decrypt the folders. 
  • /i is to continue even after errors occur.
  • /s: FolderPath is the path to the folder on which the command should be executed.
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