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Disabling backup over data network

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This article describes how you can disable inSync backups over 3G networks. inSync administrators might find this article useful. 


inSync Server can back up your organization’s data over network types such as LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi and 3G. Typically, data backup over 3G networks for laptops is enabled for your inSync Server. However, you can choose to disable data backup over 3G networks. To do this, you must modify your inSyncServer.cfg (Windows) or inSyncServer.cfg (Linux) file. By changing parameters of this file, you can define the inSync Server to backup data over all other types of network other than 3G. 

Note: This procedure is applicable only for disabling backups from laptops. To ensure that backup over data networks is disabled for mobile phones, do not select the Use data network if wifi isn't available check box while creating a profile. For information about creating profiles, see the Druva Documentation

Before you begin:

Think of a unique string that best describes the network interface on which you want to disable backups.


  • For many 3G data cards, the name of the service provider describes the interface. For example, “Photon” describes the 3G data card provided by “Tata Photon”. You might want to use the string "Photon" to indicate a 3G data connection.
  • The characters used in the string must be a sequential subset of the characters used in the interface name. For example, the string “TAP” might best describe “TAP-Windows Adapter V9 network”.
  • Make sure that no two strings are identical.

Use this string to define the interface for the network over which you want to disable backup. For more assistance, contact the Druva Support team

Mac OS

  • inSync cannot recognize some 3G and VPN interface descriptions. Instead, inSync uses the string "ppp" to recognize 3G interfaces and the string "tun" to recognize VPN interfaces.
  • Use the string “ppp” to disable backup over 3G interfaces and the string “tun” to disable backup over all VPN interfaces.

To disable backups over 3G network:

1. Stop the inSync Server (Enterprise and Professional editions) or the Master Server (Private Cloud).

2. Locate the inSyncServer file.

For Enterprise and Professional Editions:

  • (Windows): C:\inSyncServer4\inSyncServer.cfg
  • (Linux): /etc/inSyncServer4/inSyncServer.cfg

For Private Cloud:

  • (Windows): C:\inSyncCloud\inSyncServer4\inSyncServer.cfg
  • (Linux): /etc/inSyncCloud/ inSyncServer4/inSyncServer.cfg

Note: 5.4 onwards the location is C:\ProgramData\Druva\inSyncCloud\Logs for Windows and /etc/inSyncCloud and /var/log/inSyncCloud for Linux.

3. Open inSyncServer in a word editor.

4. Set the parameter BACKUP3G to False.

Note: The default value is True.

5. Add the unique string to the set of values assigned to the DATANETWORK_IFDESC parameter.

For example, the DATANETWORK_IFDESC parameter might look something like this:


After you add the string (for example, TAP) to the list of values, the parameter looks like this:


Note: Enclose each string within single quotes and separate subsequent strings using commas.

6. Save your changes.

7. Start the inSync Server service.

Note: When you assign a set of values to DATANETWORK_IFDESC, the inSync Server uses all these values to recognize the interfaces of the network types for which backup is disabled. For example, if DATANETWORK_IFDESC is assigned the values 'Modem' and ‘TAP’, backup from all endpoints over networks using the Modem and TAP types of interface is disabled.   

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