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How to install inSync Server/Client on a 64-Bit Linux Machine

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This articles describes how to install inSync server and client on the 64 bit Linux operating system

inSync server/client for Linux is distributed as .rpm (Redhat Package Manager) and .deb (Debian) packages. In order to run  inSync Server/Client on 64-bit machines, firstly the 32-bit compatibility libraries need to be installed on the OS as the inSync binaries are only available for 32-bit machines.

Installation of .rpm and .deb Packages

Follow the below commands/steps to install the necessary packages.

For Debian based Systems

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
sudo dpkg –i –-force-architecture inSync-Server/Client-Installer-<version>.i386.deb

For RPM based Systems

yum install glibc
rpm –ivh inSync-Server/Client-Installer-<version>.i386.rpm

Note: Supported Linux OS versions are: RHEL5+ and Ubuntu 8.04+ (32/64Bit).