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Email Body is blank while resetting the inSync password for an inSync User

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Problem Description: 

inSync user requested for the inSync Password to be reset. However, when the inSync Admin logs in to the inSync Admin UI -> clicks on Users -> selects the required user -> clicks on ellipsis -> Reset Password, he sees a blank section under Email Body in the password reset wizard: 


This also led to the end-users receiving a blank email without any link for a password reset.



The subject and the Email Body were deleted sometime in the past. These changes got auto-saved for all future password resets.

Resolution / Workaround:


  1. Log in to the inSync Admin Console and go to the Users page.

  1. Select the required user -> click on ellipsis -> click on Reset Password: 



  1. In the Subject Line, you may either enter a custom subject line as per your choice OR enter the old default subject line which is: 


Your Druva inSync password has been reset


  1. In the Body, enter the following text: 


Hi %USER%,


Your inSync password has been reset.


Use the following credentials for your inSync client:



Email id: %MAIL%

Password: %PASSWORD%



  1. Now click on Reset Password -> request the end user to look out for an email from “” with the above subject line for password reset.


These changes will get auto-saved.

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