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How to enable Cloud Key Management from inSync Management Console

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To run scheduled backups of Cloud Apps, such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace you need to configure an inSync Connector on an on-premise server, or enable key management system for your instance.

If you are backing up only Cloud Apps, Druva recommends to just use the key management system over maintaining an on-premise server.

Configure Cloud Key Management

Before you begin, make sure the key management system is enabled for your instance. Contact Support to get the service enabled for your instance.

Follow the below steps to enable Cloud Key Management from the inSync Management Console:

  1. Login to the Druva console as admin.

  2. Click on Endpoints/ Microsoft 365 / Google workspace.

  1. Click on the the Gear Icon

  2. Click on inSync settings

  1. Click on Key Management

  1. Click Edit and select Enable Cloud Key Management  on the Edit Settings window.

  2. Click Yes on the confirmation message. Could Key Management gets enabled for your instance.

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