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How to download and share a topic from Druva documentation portal

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This article applies to all the topics published on Druva documentation portal.


In some scenarios, you may need to share a topic from Druva Knowledge Base or product documentation.  This article provides the steps to download as well as share articles from Druva documentation portal.

Before downloading and sharing an article:

  • Ensure the article is published for public access.
  • Ensure you have the required permissions to share the article with the target audience. 

Download/Share Mind Touch articles 

Druva documentation portal allows download of articles in PDF format.

To download an article as a PDF:

  1. Open the article and click the PDF icon PDFicon.png next to the title of the article. The article opens in a new tab on the browser.
  2. Click the download icon DownloadIcon.png and the article is saved locally as a PDF file.

The documentation portal allows sharing document links on Facebook, Google Share, and Twitter.

To share an article:

  1. Open the article and click the share icon ShareIcon.png next to the title of the article.
  2. Select the social media option on which you want to share the article.  The documentation portal launches a pop up from where you can log in to the social media platform and share the article from your account.