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inSync fails to back up a locked site

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This article applies to:

  • OS: Not applicable.
  • Product edition: inSync Cloud

Problem description

SharePoint backup fails with the following message  in the activity log: 

“[ERROR] SharePoint Backup failed for sitecollection: 11334, reason: {u'odata.error': {u'message':
{u'lang': u'en-US', u'value': u'Access to this Web site has been blocked.\n\nPlease contact the
administrator to resolve this problem.'}, u'code': u'-2130575247, Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException'}}

From Microsoft 365, the activity log can be accessed from Data Sources > Microsoft 365 > SharePoint > Site > Activity Stream.


  • SharePoint site is blocked in Microsoft 365.
  • inSync does not back up locked  SharePoint sites.


The resolution requires unlocking the SharePoint sites.

Inform the SharePoint administrators before unlocking the SharePoint sites.

  1. Use Powershell to unlock the SharePoint site. (There is a separate PowerShell module for SharePoint Online.)
  2. Download the SharePoint Online Management shell form its download link.
  3. Launch the SharePoint Online Management shell and run the following command:

    “connect-sposervice -url https://<domain>”
  4. When prompted, enter the global admin credentials for Microsoft 365.
  5. Check whether the following site status command returns the lock state as 'NoAccess'.

    “get-sposite -identity https://<domain><sitename>”
  6. Unlock the site as follows:

    “Set-sposite -identity https://<domain>;<sitename> -lockstate unlock”
  7. Post unlock, initiate a backup of the site.