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How to activate new users without sending activation email?

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This article applies to:

  • Product edition: inSync On-Premise


This article describes how to create a new user in the inSync Management Console without sending an activation email to the end user. inSync uses email IDs to identify each unique user. There are three ways you can create a new user without sending an activation email.

Activate user using an auth key

You can create a new user using a dummy email ID like You can then activate the user using Auth key. Since no active email ID is configured, the user will not receive an activation email.

Clear the SMTP settings

Perform the following steps to clear SMTP details:

  1. On the inSync Management Console, click GearIconNew.png > Settings > Email > Email Setup > Edit.
  2. Clear all values and click Save.

Druva does not recommend using this option.  This option will disable all emails including alerts.

Import users using a CSV file

inSync administrators can add new users by importing a CSV file with user details.

  1. On the inSync Management Console, click Users. The Manage Users window displays:


  1. Click Import and then click Import from CSV to upload the CSV file.


  1. From the list of users in the CSV file, select the ones you want to import and click Next.


  1. Download activation keys for all the imported users.
  2. Click Done.