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How to connect to inSyncConfigDB on Windows?

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OS: Windows
Product edition: inSync On-Premise



This article provides steps required to connect to MySQL database.

Connect to inSyncConfigDB

  1. Stop inSync server services and on an elevated command prompt, navigate to the following directory:

    C:\Program Files\Druva\inSync Server\embeddedDB\bin
  2. Run the following command to start the inSyncConfigDBServer process:

    inSyncConfigDBServer.exe --defaults-file="c:\Program Files\Druva\inSync Server\embeddedDB\inSyncDB.ini" --basedir="c:\Program Files\Druva\inSync Server\embeddedDB"
  3. In a new elevated command prompt navigate to the following directory.

    C:\Program Files\Druva\inSync Server\embeddedDB\bin
  4. Connect to inSyncConfigDB database using the following command:

    inSyncConfigDBClient -h -P 6075 -uroot -pinSyncConfigDB inSyncConfigDB
  5. On the Task Manager, verify if inSyncConfigDBClient.exe process is running.
  6. Once connected to the database, run the below commands:

    ~ show databases; (shows all the database)
    ~ use insyncconfigdb; (selects insyncconfigdb amongst the list of databases)
  7. After completing the ConfigDB operation, exit MySQL using the exit command.
  8. Close the command prompt to close inSyncConfigDBClient.
  9. On the Task Manager, kill inSyncConfigDBServer.exe from the list of processes before you start inSync services.